Over 40 years ago, Charles Kuzma started VIP Products Corp. as a local distributor of vinyl acetate emulsions to the local textile and coatings industry.  In the 1950’s, as the technical director of his previous employer, he was one of the original polymerizers of vinyl acetate monomer in the US.  Understanding the field of emulsion polymerization backwards and forward, he saw the coming movement from solvent-based products to low volatile organic products. 

Due to increased demand, VIP Products Corp. outgrew its original location and had to lease outside warehouse space.  VIP Products Corp. consolidated its warehouses and purchased its present 3805 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia location in 1983.  At the same time, Charles’s oldest son, Peter, joined VIP Products Corp. after graduating from St. Joseph’s University and completing his PH.D. in organic chemistry at Vanderbilt University.

Peter is now the sole owner while his father Charles still retains an advisory role within VIP Products Corp.  The original family values of attentiveness to detail and extreme customer service still guide the company’s path.  The company has transcended his father’s lessons of hard work while laying the foundation for a business model adaptable to the changing times.  Our product line has grown from just vinyl acetate emulsions to encompass the full array of water-based binders and additives, including vinyl acetate homopolymers, vinyl acetate-acrylate copolymers, vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers, acrylic, and styrene- acrylic emulsions.   Our dry powder binders include vinyl acetate-ethylene re-dispersible powders, and polyvinyl alcohol.  VIP also offers complimentary additives including surfactants, dispersants, defoamers, and thickeners. 

Constantly evolving to the changing times, VIP incorporated a line of de-proteinized natural rubber lattices and in 2012 added a line of standard natural rubber latex, both low ammonia and high ammonia.   The company has steadily and successfully extended its territory from the original targeted area of Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey to all of the United States and Eastern Canada.  VIP Products Corp. now sources product from all over the world for our customers. 

VIP’s goal is to serve our customers with outstanding customer service and be the leading knowledge source for each of our many products as if they were the one of three products we started selling in 1971.  As a family owned business, we strive to treat our customers like family by providing top of the line products accompanied by our unmatched customer service and attention.