VIP Products Corp. offers far more than your standard chemical distributor. With our 26,000 square- foot, heated warehouse centrally located in Philadelphia’s manufacturing district, we are able to maintain superior inventory management and lot control. Being the bridge between the customer and our suppliers, we excel in this era’s just-in-time supplier philosophy. VIP strives to provide same- day shipping on all morning orders.
We are experienced in labeling our products with bar codes and RFID labels and have received praise from one of our most exacting customers, the U.S. military, for our superior product labeling and handling. On-time delivery is our highest priority.
VIP has developed an expertise with high volume emulsions and routinely deals with the full panoply of shipment containers, and can re-package product.  Because we started with bulk items like vinyl acetate homopolymers and vinyl acetate-acrylate copolymers, we have the ability to repack products from tankers, flexibags, and isotainers into our 15,000 gallons of bulk- storage tanks, tote bins, drums, and even five-gallon pails. Custom fitting our polymers to our customers’ requirements, also means we have an array of high-quality mixers from 50 HP high-speed dispersers, to sweep- blade mixers to single- drum 5 HP high- speed dispersers along with the pumps, dust collectors, compressors, vorta-sives, and fork lifts necessary to produce quality product consistently with minimal lot-to-lot variation.
VIP also has a quality control and research laboratory on premises to make sure our products and our suppliers’ products conform to the highest specifications. We also have outstanding relationships with our suppliers’ research personnel. So in those rare instances we do not know the answer to our customers’ question, we know where to find itthat answer.
Finally, VIP Products Corp. started from very humble beginnings, and we remember the environment that a small to medium- sized company faces every day. With that memory, we strive to treat every customer with the highest attention to detail and make each customer our most important customer.